Pub food can be a hit and miss, especially if you are wanting veggie food. There are always few options, the vegetarian lasagne, veggie burger and if you are really lucky a mushroom risotto. I do, therefore, approach pubs with caution,

Today, however, we found a gem. Beautiful old thatched pub, The Wheelwright Inn was inviting us in as we drove through a quaint village called Colyford in Devon. As always I went through the menu before I sat down (my mum-in-law and my son have already perched themselves at a table, no pressure on me right?). The menu looked very unlike most pubs, it was imaginative and modern, however the veggie options were all cheesy. I asked the very friendly waitress if a cheese-less option could be possible. She listened and went to discuss the matter with the chef. I do admit I was getting slightly nervous as it did take a bit longer than anticipated (glad he wasn’t the veggie hating Gordon Ramsey). To my relief he came up with couple of yummy sounding items.


My choice was a vegetable tagine with pearl couscous and my son decided to have the wild mushroom and potato burger. My husband fancied the sweet potato and feta fritters and my daughter had a cheese sandwich (grrr) and chips (fries). My mum-in-law, the only non veggie in the party, had a prawn sandwich.


All the dishes looked fantastic and tasted great, I was impressed the chef managed to turn out rather rich tasting tagine at such a short notice. Happiness all around and this for a good price too. It just comes to show that it never hurts to ask and if a chef has skill and imagination there is no mountain too high.


If you come to visit, bring some extra cash there are some lovely antiques and other little treasures to be found there. Unfortunately my husband didn’t share my love for the large black velvet bulldog. Maybe he may see its beauty next time we visit because we definitely will be back!

The Wheelwright Inn
Swan Hill Road
EX24 6QQ