Georgia Davis has become a media celebrity, over the last few days there has been more written about her than s Kim Kardashian or Simon Cowell. Georgia has become a household name due to her size and the 8 hour operation to get her from her bedroom to the hospital. This included 40 people, breaking down walls, impromptu ramp, crane... Reports differ on how much Georgia weighs, nobody knows for sure, but it is anywhere from 56-68st (784-952lb).

Georgia has not had it easy, she lost her father when she was 5 to heart attack, her mother has been suffering from heart desease and arthritis, she is also obese. Georgia has been her mother’s carer since age 10.

Several years back she lost half her body weight in a weight loss camp in America but on her returned she encountered no support. Not from her mother, not from her social workers or her doctors. She was left alone, surrounded by what she knew. Now she is in a hospital with reported multiple organ failure.

As a mother I feel heartbroken for this beautiful girl, who has not been allowed to blossom, to have a boyfriend, to go out shopping with her friends, to have a life. She has instead been smothered by a 13000 calorie a day diet provided by her mother who just doesn’t know better. I know her mum loves her but at the same time I cannot understand how she could allow it to go this far.

Many people think she should have been taken away from her mother but I think that Georgia would have only been heartbroken. The whole family should have been given support, education and opportunities. As it stands Georgia has got the label of Britain’s fattest teenager but she is not alone. The statistics are staggering, in Wales (Georgia’s home) according to, the prediction is that 89% of adults will be obese by 2019!

My heart breaks for children like Georgia who are victims of a vicious circle of cheap calorie dense unhealthy addictive food, no hope and help. This is a problem that will take generations to fix, but we have to start now before more children are taken to hospital with fatty liver, diabetes Type 2, damaged hearts, organ failure and cancer.

We have to start education lead by people educated in nutrition, not by those who are sponsored by junk food producers. Unfortunately it seems to be a loosing battle. We live in a world where McDonalds pay musicians for mentioning them in their songs, where the same company promises gifts and incentives to bloggers who will write positively about them. Golden Arches are also recruiting people to take part in a new trial, for payment of $3500 these people will be asked to eat fast food only for 3 months. We all know what it did to Morgan Spurlock (Supersize me) in one month only...

I hope that Georgia will receive a lifeline and beat the food addiction for good and have the life she so desperately wants and deserve.


If your mango is sweet you won’t be needing to use the agave.

Makes 5 small ice lollies

2 ripe medium mangos
1 lime, zest and juice
1 Tbs of agave syrup (optional)

Cut the cheeks of the mango, score inside, turn cheeks inside out and cut away the flesh. Cut away any remaining flesh from the stone.
Place mango into a food processor together with the lime juice and agave if using. Process till smooth.
Stir in the zest.
Pour into small ice lolly molds and freeze.
To remove from the mold stand for 10-20seconds in warm water and gently remove.